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Utah Project

Utah Project

UTA was founded in March 1970 when the cities of Sandy, Salt Lake and Murray voted to form a transit district. Today, UTA’s service area is over 1,400 square miles and covers six counties: Box Elder, Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah and Weber. Railquip delivered 1 Set of 8 lift columns, moveable on concrete floor, equipped with retractably lifting claw, 16 ton capacity per lift column.Railquip deliverded also 2 Fleetcleaner, 1 generic loading platform and 1 set of Re-railing equipment.

Monday, 30 June 2014 23:51

Alstom Project

Alstom Project

Hornell Maintenance Facility:

Railquip delivered 2 Set of 16 lift columns, moveable on concrete floor, equipped with retractably lifting claw, 16 ton capacity per lift column. 1 set of 4 lift columns, 15 ton capacity and 2 set of 4 lift columns 20 ton capacity.

Monday, 30 June 2014 23:39

Vancouver BC Canada Line EPC Project

Vancouver BC Canada Line EPC Project

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia, the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority, the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Airport Authority fund the Canada Line. Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc. (CLCO) is an independently governed, wholly owned subsidiary of TransLink responsible for overseeing the procurement, design, construction and implementation of the Line. In Transit BC is the company contracted to design, build, partially finance, operate and maintain the Canada Line for a 35-year period. The project has attracted significant funding for transportation infrastructure in our region from senior levels of government and an unprecedented investment from the private sector. The Canada Line project has the support of the City of Richmond as well as strong public support. Railquip delivered one maxi shunter, steel container, portable hydraulic rerailing equipment and one truck press/assembly stand.

Charlotte Area Transit Authority Project

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is the largest transit system between Atlanta, GAand Washington, DC with over 70 local and regional routes, a light rail line and historictrolley, services for the disabled, and vanpools with more than 26,000,000 trips takeneach year.On November 24, 2007, the first light rail line—a 9.6-mile (15.5-km) line known as the Lynx Blue Line — opened. It runs between Uptown Charlotte and stops short of Pineville, using a railroad right-of-way paralleling South Boulevard in its entirety. The line has 15 stations. It shares trackage with the Charlotte Trolley from the Atherton Mill station to the 7th Street station. Subsequently expected to open is a light rail line to the northeast. It will open in phases, with the first phase to reach 36th Street in 2013 and the second phase to reach I-485, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, in 2018. The corridor will be 14 miles (22.4 km) long,with 14 stations. Railquip delivered 1 set of 8 (eight) 20 Ton capacicty Lifts,1 (one) Turntable, 16 (sixteen) Jack Support Stands and 1 (one) set of Re-raiing Equipment.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Project

Railquip delivered 2 Set of 8 lift column moveable on concrete floor equipped with retractably lifting claw 16 ton capacity per lift column.

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