Mobile Train Wash Units


Mobile Train Wash Unit

Fleetcleaner - Specifications

Series 5000 (Catch Basin)

Engine Brand Kohler Kubota
Type gas diesel
Horse Power 25 28
Cylinders 2 4
Fresh Water (gallons) 230 230
Foul Water (gallons) 125 125
Chemical capacity (gallons) 2 @ 8 2 @ 8
Width 7' 2" 7' 2"
Length 10' 6" 11' 0"
Wheel Base 6' 0" 6' 0"
Height (minimun) 11' 4" 11' 4"
Dry weight (pounds) 4,475 4,675
Mobile Brush Wash Series 5000 has the following standard features:
bulletCatch Basin
bulletWater Reuse System
bulletAir Brush - 10' brush
bulletTwo Chemical Tanks
bullet25 HP Kohler Gasoline Engine
bullet7'2" Wide
bullet230-Gallon Fresh Water Tank
bullet125-Gallon Reclaim Water Tank
bullet4-Wheel Steering
bulletAdjustable Brush
bulletDetailing Wand
bulletHose Reel

The Fleetcleaner 5000 Series also is:

bulletTotally Self-Contained and Self-Propelled
bulletDependable Hydraulic Operations
bulletOff the shelf components
bulletEasy to Operate by your staff
bulletEase of Maintenance and Repair

The 5000 Series features a special patented "Catch Basin" and Water Refuse Version for Envriomental Compliance.

Stationary Train Wash Units

Stationary Train Wash Unit

One (1) Complete Train Wash and Water Recovery System. Systems include but are not limited to the following:


bulletDetergent arch
bulletDetergent storage tanks
bulletDetergent pre-mix and injection system
bulletHigh pressure longitudinal roof spray and pump
bulletHigh pressure wheel and truck spray and pump
bullet4 pairs of brushes; 1 pr. eaves/roof brushes, 1 pr. side brushes, 1 pr. front-side-rear cleaning brushes to clean above anti-climber, 1 pr. front-side-rear cleaning brushes to clean from the side of the couplings and skirts
bulletAir system for brush control/retraction
bulletWindow foamers
bulletPrimary reclaim rinse arch
bulletFinal rinse arch
bulletHigh pressure longitudinal roof rinse and pump
bulletHigh pressure wheel and truck rinse and pump
bulletBrush bearing system, UHMW bearings require no lubrication
bulletMotor control center with programmable control

Water Recovery System

bulletSump pump
bulletFiltration systems
bulletNeutralizing and pH monitoring system
bulletSludge collection and removal system
bulletRecycled water storage tanks
bulletAll necessary pumps for repressurization and filtration
bullet90% Water recovery for re-use
bulletOil/water separator for sewer discharge
bulletAll specified and required spare parts
Turnkey packages including:
bulletInstallation of fixed train wash facilities for: passenger cars, locomotives or LRV systems.
bulletTraining of operating personnel

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