176 Ton Telescopic Railway Crane

It's the world's strongest telescopic railway crane.

DH 1600
bullet25 to 176 Ton Capacity Crane Models Available
bulletDiesel Hydraulic Powered
bulletSelf propelled at 15 MPH or 75 MPH in Train Consist
bulletBoom Telescopes with Load on Hook
bulletUsed under Catenary or in Tunnels
bulletClear Derailments/Track Laying/Bridge Work/Pile Driving/Other Heavy Duty Material Handling
bulletLift Rolling Stock Inside Tunnels with Rescue Fork
bulletCan be Equipped to Operate in super Elevated Curves under full Capacity

Reaching new heights and weights!

Automatic Super-elevation Compensation System

The crane is equipped with a levelling device which levels the crane fully automatically when traveling into an elevated track section. Maximum super - elevation 6.3 inch. The levelling device guarantees to keep the crane's centre of gravity point in the centre line of the rail track. Thus, the lifting capacities free on wheels remain unchanged even in elevated curves. The vertical wheel loads remain the same as on level tracks. Note: Technical data can be modified during design stage, if technical progress affords such modification. This will not affect the general concept.

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