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Capital Metro

Capital metro is comming down the track and soon will connect commuters in the rapidly growing central Texas region. It's the third transit system in the nation to offer multimodal service with Diesel Multiple Unit Vehicles. Capital Metro Rail will move Commuters 32 miles from Leander, northwest of Austin, to downtown Austin, using existing freight tracks. The line initially will make stops at nine stations, but the agency anticipates a quick expansion to 22 stations, perhaps within the next 10 years. Capital MetroRail has garnered accolades and respect from transit authorities across the nation for its design and implementation, advanced safety features, and low enviromental impact.Railquip, Inc. supplied 1 set Rerailing equipment, 1 Roof-access Platform, 1 Trainwash (Fleet cleaner),1 Forklift, 1 Diesel Fuel system,and one set of 8 (10 ton) movable car hoist's.

Mobile Car Hoist 10 Ton Capacity

Maintenance Facility under contruction Maintenance Facility with DMU

Roof Access Platform Re-Railing Equipment Container

light weigth

LPG Powered Re-railing Equipment

Mobile Car Hoist 10 Ton Capacity

Roof Access Platform